(Copy to folder and print when you wish to place an order or send the same information via other means.)

Flute Number                   Flute Name or Type                                                                         Price                   Quantity                   Subtotal







Total for Flutes:                                      

Tax for California customers (.08 times total above):                                      

Additional shipping (for orders sent to places not in the U.S. - inquire for correct amount):                                      

Grand Total (add the merchandise, tax, and additional shipping amounts):                                      

YOUR NAME                                                                        

Street Address
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State or Province                                                                        

Zip Code                                                                        



All flute sales are final after 10 days.   It is best that you are sure that you will be able to play a transverse flute or fife before you order one.   If you do not like the flute and both it and the carrying case are returned within 15 days, undamaged, your money will be refunded.

Orders are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.   It might be wise to have a first and second choice in your request.   If an order arrives after a desired flute has been sold, the second choice (if indicated) will be honored or the money returned to the customer.

We do not accept forms of payment other than those shown in the paragraph below.   In some countries, postal international money orders are available.   A check must clear before a flute is sent, so a money order will make a flute arrive more quickly.

To order, please send this form or its equivalent, and your check or money order in U.S. dollars (made out to Lew Price) to the address below.

Lew Price
PO Box 88
Garden Valley, CA 95633

The above prices include both shipping and handling for customers within the United States.   Customers in Canada should send $2.00 more per order for additional shipping costs.   Customers in countries other than the U.S. and Canada should inquire for additional shipping costs and other means of payment when appropriate.   Customers in California should include a sales tax of eight percent (yes, it is more but I prefer to round it to eight percent).

Unless otherwise specified and paid for accordingly, orders will be sent via U.S. postal first class mail or international air mail.   Orders will be insured when possible.   Please inquire via e-mail to find out if insurance is available for your country.   If an order arrives for a country in which insurance is not an option, the order will be cancelled and the money returned to the customer. Due to the increased possibility of mail theft during the holidays, orders will not be sent between December 6 and January 2 (the holiday season).   Please do NOT send cash in the mail.

Questions may be sent via postal mail or via e-mail.