NETHER (Dynamic Ether)

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Nether is the name given to dynamic ether to distinguish it from ether, which was originally assigned qualities which have proven to be false. The name "nether" was used by the ancient Greeks for the underlying substance, portrayed in mythical form. In truth, nether is the underlying substance, the primal Mass of the universe.

Everything in our universe is composed of nether. Matter is actually composed of vortices or combinations of vortices of nether which act in a manner leading us to believe that they are particles.

Nether has the following properties:
1.   It is a perfect fluid in the sense that it is non-particulate.
2.   It has no structural memory. Once changed, it has no tendency to go back to its former condition.
3.   It has inertia. It will continue to behave in any particular way until acted upon by a force.
4.   It is frictionless. There is no friction to prevent it from continuing to do whatever it is doing.
5.   It is compressible. In fact, it can compress in one dimension while expanding in another.
6.   It is energy-conscious. It reacts to any change in a way that uses the least energy.

The following are consequences of the above:
(1)   It is in all of the space in our universe, so the space in our universe is not empty.
(2)   Its density varies from place to place.
(3)   It becomes more dense as it approaches a mass.
(4)   It is constantly in motion.
(5)   Once its velocity is set, it cannot be detected by normal means.
(6)   It can be detected by its acceleration or the acceleration of any vortices (matter) within it.
(7)   All energy is the consequence of motion within it.
(8)   All energy is transmitted by means of motion within it.

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