One - SETTING THE STAGE     (Early evolution and the role of music)

Two - THE SPEAKING SPIRITS     (Beginning and evolution of panpipes)

Three - THE LEGACY OF PAN     (Creating pipes)

Four - THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC     (Understanding music)

Five - THE ETERNAL SCALE     (Evolution of the musical scale)

Six - GENERAL HISTORY     (Early musical science and frequencies)

Seven - SCALES     (Pythagorean, just, and tempered scales)

Eight - THE AMERIND FLUTIST     (Early Native American flutes)

Nine - CREATING THE AMERIND DIAGONAL     (Theory on the evolution and role of language and the way to make the old Amerind diagonal flute)

Ten - THE FOUR THAT ARE MORE     (Background and construction of the earliest known pentatonic set of pipes)

Eleven - THE ENDBLOWN FLUTE OF THE ANDES     (The kena or quena of South America)

Twelve - SHAKUHACHI     (Japan's warrior flute)

Thirteen - TWO BEGINNINGS     (Possible explanation for the two starting places in our musical scale)

Fourteen - THE SHEPHERD'S NAY     (The flute of the early Middle East)

Fifteen - MOTHER'S FLUTE     (Possible origin of the early Indo-European flute)

Sixteen - INTERLUDE     (Reflections on past, present, and future)

Seventeen - OLD CIVILIZATIONS, ZODIACS, and the TI     (The scales and history of ancient China, Sumer, and related cultures; and the construction of the Chinese ti)

Eighteen - THE FLUTES OF SOUTHEAST ASIA     (The appearance and tuning of three flutes from the area of Southeast Asia)

Nineteen - THE WHISTLE'S LEGACY     (An early Native American whistle and what it eventually became)

Twenty - CREATING the OLD AMERIND BLOCK FLUTES     (The old Native American flageolets)

Twenty-One - POCKETKNIVES AND WHISTLES     (Highlights of the willow whistle)

Twenty-Two - THE MIRACULOUS COINCIDENCE     (The mathematical miracle behind music)

Twenty-Three - MEASURING AND MUSIC     (The effects of music upon our system of weights and measures)

Twenty-Four - THE MOON CHAMBER     (Background of a very special area between the hemispheres of the human brain)

Twenty-Five - BRAIN SAND     (Speculation upon the role of the moon chamber)

Twenty-Six - MUSIC, EMOTION, AND THE ZODIAC     (Research that seems to have been suppressed)



Recommended Reading and Bibliography