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Since first published in 1999, nether theory has been introduced in the following countries. This is according to actual feedback. There are probably people in other countries who have seen this website, but there is no way of knowing how many, partly because people show one another and partly because they are allowed to copy the CD on nether theory as long as they do not change it.

In alphabetical order:

New Zealand
United States of America

Simply because the theory was introduced does not mean that we have succeeded in doing anything except having people read it. Whether they understood it or had any preference for it is something else. However, where people read things, they tend to talk about them.

The reason that there is a predominance of countries which were once part of the USSR has to do with the more openminded and fair attitude of the scientists and editors in these countries. Apparently, they are truly seeking answers rather than just "guarding their own rice bowls" as was stated by one of my classmates. From what I have been able to understand, these folks actually have college professors who are allowed to think, conduct experiments, and seek knowledge that is "outside the box", and to examine ideas that are considered heretical in most of the universities in our western nations. At least it was that way until recently.

In early 2005, Marcelo Moreira Jr. of Brazil placed a page on the web dedicated to nether theory and subsequently translated a critical part of it into Portuguese. Since that time, the rankings for various parts of the theory on the web have vastly improved. Apparently, at least part of the engineering/physics community of Brazil are willing to examine something new in physics.

As of September of 2006, links to this website are known to have been placed on sites using the following languages.


It would be so very refreshing if our instutions of learning in the U.S. would openly accept and encourage scientific curiosity as opposed to accepting and encouraging obeisance to dated dogma.

Progress is slow in book distribution. To date, it is estimated that over 200 people have requested full sets of Behind Light's Illusion or the new CD which includes all the books in the set as well as the website. Numerous other sets have been sent to those who wished to give sets as gifts. Of those who have sets, over 90 are known to have shown continued interest, some of whom are enthusiastic enough to have passed the theory along to a number of other people. People with the CD's on Behind Light's Illusion are allowed to copy them for use by other interested people and the theory is being passed along in this manner also.

The feedback we receive is limited and we have no way of knowing how many people now have an interest in this theory. This website, the pages at the class website (USAFA), the website of Marcelo Moreira, and a several other sites which have links to this website and details on nether theory, definitely have interested people that we do not know about until much later. We can tell that the interest is growing by looking at what the search engines have for various subjects.

Of those people we know to have shown continued interest, at a conservative estimate over 90 now living have been extremely helpful in aiding in the research, promotion, proofreading, and other tasks regarding nether theory. This does not mean that all of them understand all of nether theory or that they would necessarily agree with all of it if they did understand it. It simply means that they have been kind enough to help - and for this we are very grateful. If nether theory is ever found to be erroneous in any way, the people who helped are not responsible for those errors. They are responsible only for being open-minded, discerning, and generous.

To date, it appears that more medical doctors are seriously interested in nether theory than would have been suspected (although those with engineering, physics, and math degrees outnumber them). We have no idea as to why medical doctors should have this interest. However, physics may be a break from the strain of practicing medicine. Engineers, industrial physicists, physics majors, high school physics teachers, nurses, ministers, and others are also included in the list of interested people.

In alphabetical order, our thanks goes to the following folks as of 3/12/05.

Anglosio, Dominique, France
Asija, S. Pal, USA
Austin, Edith, USA
Austin, Terry A., USA
Badanes, Bill, USA
Bagby, Brian, USA
Barrowman, Andrew, USA
Bell, Doug, USA(deceased)
Bergens, Michael, USA
Biancur, Andrew (Andi), USA
Bonan, Michele, USA
Broner, Katy, USA
Buiting, Jan, Netherlands
Cantu, Eddie, USA
Carmody, Paula, USA
Carnegie, William, USA
Chambers, James (Jim), USA
Chappell, John, USA (deceased)
Chasko, Joe, USA
Cioffi, Brad, USA
Cler, A. J. (Rosie), USA
Cojocaru, Adrian, Romania
Cooper, Charles Michael (Mick), USA -
(Mick would be interested in discussing aspects of nether theory)
Cumberland, Desmond J., UK
Dean, Thomas, Japan
de Domenico, Melanie, USA
Deep, Ronald (Ron), USA
de la Cruz, Gerard (Jerry), USA
Delongchamp, David, USA
Durnen, William A., USA
Donnelly, Glenn L., USA
ErkenBrack, Lysa, USA
Falk, Neoka, USA
Fava, Mitch, USA
Foley, Cian, Ireland
Forshag, Donald (Don), USA
Frolov, Alexander, Russia
Glaza, James (Jim), USA
Gorup, Ron, USA
Graham, Glen, USA
Grant, Guy, Australia (deceased)
Griffith, David (Dave), USA
Haines, Brent, USA
Hart, Richard, USA
Hasslberger, Josef, Italy
Hollar, Sage, USA
Holman, Charles (Ace), USA
Ivanovich, Vlatlin Ivan, Russia
Jacobs, Thaddeus, USA
Jordan, Jeffrey J., USA
Knowles, Anthony, England
Kolp, Cynthia (Cindy), USA
Krumpelt, Michael, USA
Lawhead, William, USA
Lewentz, Claude, New Zealand
Lewis, Art, USA
Lewis, Shadra, USA
Lindner, Henry, USA
Lloyd, Barry, USA
Love, Tom, USA
Lovan, Richard, USA
Lovan, Sue, USA
Lyle, Paul, USA
Makinson, Frank, USA
Martin, Sherry (Wife), USA
Mason, Jerry, USA (deceased)
Mattingly, Dennis, USA
Mayberry, Frank, USA
Menkhaus, David, USA
McAlaster, R.D., USA
McCurdy, Russ, Canada
McGee, Richard, USA
Miller, David, USA
Miller, Paul, USA
Mnatzaganian, Alex, England
Moreira, Marcelo, Jr., Brazil
Nance, Robert, USA,
Newland, Lowell, USA
Nipperess, Paul, Australia
Oleinik, V. P., Ukraine
O'Neill, Rick, Canada
Osborn, Kathy, USA
Otey, Robert, USA
Pera, Steven R., USA
Pierce, Jerry, USA
Porter, Fred, USA
Price, Timothy (Tim), USA
Redmond, Kevin, USA
Reed, Duane, USA
Reeves, Jonathan, England
Rekenthaler, Doug, USA
Relyea, James, USA
Rice, Reginald, USA
Schaefer, Ronald (Ron), USA
Schehr, Richard (Dick), USA
Schira, John (Jack), USA
Seebode, Thomas (Tom), USA
Shearer, Jack, USA
Smith, J. T., USA
Southwick, Lawrence (Larry), USA
Stefco, Robert, USA
Stem, B., USA
Stevenson, Salman, Tasmania
Stroud, Ward, USA
Sullivan, Ryan, USA
Thompson, Charles (Charlie), USA
Thompson, Dale, USA
Tilbury, Charles, USA
Trounson, James, USA
Torlone, Gary, Canada
Tuttle, George, USA
Van Dyke, J.R., USA
Van Singel, Gary, USA
Venable, Russ, USA
Vines, James C. (Cliff), USA
Walter, William C., USA
Watson, Don, USA
Wright, Ken, USA
Youngblood, Mary, USA  

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