A Parable

A man saw another selling cakes at the marketplace.   He said to himself, "That man is prospering.   I shall sell cakes too so that I may prosper as well."   He sold cakes and half of the people bought cakes from each of the two vendors, leaving each with half an income.

While in the marketplace, a man saw that many had grown old or had been lame from youth.   No one was selling canes.   He said to himself, "I shall make and sell canes and those who buy them shall profit from my work while I shall profit also."   So he sold canes and prospered.

As you navigate the ocean of existence, use emotion as your sail and reason as your rudder.

A true scientist gathers all the facts available before attempting to interpret them.   This is also the best way to live one's life.

Life is largely a series of errors interpreted as such with hindsight.   Foresight merely aids in error prevention.   A wise man recognizes his past mistakes and then moves on unabashedly to make different ones.

Authority is often a mask for incompetence.   When possible, it should be questioned.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.   Wear a hat.   Even the sheltering oaks drop acorns and dead branches.

One who will not attempt to think, will be called stupid.

Carefully examine what you have, and then use it wisely to grow.

No one actually knows where these came from.   They are probably re-worded by the author from something he found some time in the past.   In a universe so large, seldom is a "new thought" truly new.