THE AUTHOR through the YEARS

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"No Kidding?" (Fast loading view - jpg)   1940j
(Better quality view - tif)   1940t

The Kids of Mills Township (Fast loading view - jpg)   1946j
(Better quality view - tif)   1946t
End of year photo of kids in grades one through eight at McLaren School, a one-room country school.   The author recommends this type of school which has the advantage of placing all of the grades together, allowing those in the lower grades to learn some of the lessons presented to the higher grades.

"What's Next?" (Fast loading view - jpg)   1949j
(Better quality view - tif)   1949t

"Thank God it's over." (Fast loading view - jpg)   1956j
(Better quality view - tif)   1956t
High School Completed.

"I'd love to have flown that one." (Fast loading view - jpg)   1957j
(Better quality view - tif)   1957t
At the Lowry AFB site for the cadets beside the old barracks first built in WWII.

"I wonder what that is?" (Fast loading view - jpg)   1963j
(Better quality view - tif)   1963t
Wearing civvies in Brazil, as a "world traveler."   This was either taken in Rio or at a stopover on a downrange trip while in Military Air Transport Service.   The squadron bought most of its bad coffee in Brazil and mixed it with Maxwell House to make something that still tasted terrible but kept us awake on long missions.   Downrange missions were to supply our stations used for tracking rockets fired from Cape Canaveral.   Trips to Rio de Janeiro were usually for carrying VIP's.

"The Bearded One." (Fast loading view - jpg)   1973j
(Better quality view - tif)   1973t
There is a theory that in prehistory, a man would assess a stranger as a possible threat.   This assessment considered the thickness of the stranger's beard to see how easily his throat could be ripped out, and his age as a key to his fighting experience.   Supposedly, this theory still applies to modern man at a subconscious level.   When working for Pacific Telephone with older people, I discovered that emotion often was involved as opposed to reason.   It was best to look as old and threatening as possible if my opinion was to be respected.   The beard worked.   I removed it after it had served its purpose.

"Vending Flutes." (Fast loading view - jpg)   1988j
(Better quality view - tif)   1988t
There was period of several years when we augmented our income by selling flutes at Renaissance Fairs and gatherings of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).   This was educational and entertaining, and gave occasion for feedback from those who bought our flutes.

"In the Garden of the Gods." (Fast loading view - jpg)   1990j
(Better quality view - tif)   1990t
This was taken either before or after a reunion in Colorado.

"Listening." (Fast loading view - jpg)   1998j
(Better quality view - tif)   1998t