Update: May 5, 2010
Changed ordering information.

Update: April 20, 2010
Changed prices of some books and CDs.

Update: June 28, 2009
Added discounted copy of Secrets of the Flute
and comments on The Oldest Magic.

Update: February 4, 2007
Added PVC Plastic and Playing a Transverse Flute.

Update: December 21, 2006
Added more about the Flute Design Program.

Update: November 9, 2006
Added More about Dimensions in Astrology

Update: November 6, 2006
Added More about The Oldest Magic

Update: July 2, 2006
Reduced the prices of some of first editions of the BLI series books

Behind Light's Illusion
Reduced the price for the entire BLI series of books with the CD.

Update: June 22, 2006
Added older book, Dimensions in Astrology,
written in 1981 & 1982.

Update: July 12, 2005
Added Flutes for sale.

Update: May 19, 2005
Added new cover for Behind Light's Illusion
This beautiful cover was created by
Marcelo Moreira, Jr., of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
On behalf of everyone in involved in this endeavor,
thank you, Marcelo.