The contents of this site regarding physics was developed from uncensored empirical evidence and math, using the fundamentals of engineering physics which have been proven to be correct many times over in the course of time, and differ substantially from the speculative and unproven physics of today's accepted theoretical physicists. Consequently, these explanations should not yet be used to pass courses leading to a degree in physics as is currently being taught in educational institutions. In fact, it might be best to avoid this site if you want to become a "good" physics student because reading what is on it may confuse or disillusion you. If you find that the your physics instructor is tolerant of new alternatives in physics, you may wish to ask his or her permission to risk the possible confusion. Or you can wait until you graduate.

Although this theory was developed from a better understanding of the electron, it has proven to be a product of a variation in Einstein's concept of time and space. Rather than a space-time of four dimensions, it divorces the dimension of time from the three dimensions of space, still using the concept of time as a fourth dimension. The result is a self-governing electron with innate "spin", and gravity which is an easily visualized acceleration toward matter. All else follows from these discoveries.