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Valid Science

Discoveries in science must depend upon building from an established foundation. Failure to do this eventually results in confusion and expansion rather than simplification leading toward valid principles. Particle physics today is an excellent example of this type of folly. Rather than discovering the reality behind light and what appears to be particles, the list of supposed particles continues to grow with no end in sight. Tax dollars are spent on huge particle accelerators in a vain attempt to make sense of a dead end.

Discoveries and Erroneous Conclusions

Failure to discover the existence of something is never proof of its non-existence. The failure of the Michelson-Morley experiments to find ether that conformed to their theory was due to a misunderstanding of the nature of ether. On the other hand, discovering something unusual does not prove that the first logical conclusion is correct. It may be that the assumptions prior to the discovery were in error. The discovery of the existence of electron "spin" or something that acts like angular momentum was not proof that the electron is a particle. Instead, it proves that the electron cannot be a particle.

A Firm Foundation

The laws of the universe do not change from one location to another. They do not change when going from the microcosm to the macrocosm. They are in effect regardless of the location and the scale. Newton's laws of motion are correct in every instance. So are the fundamental equations of Einstein's relativity. The mass/energy equation and the equation for time dilation are both easily derived from Newtonian theory in a universe composed of dynamic ether.
E = mc2 is a special case of E = mv2/2. It is easy to see this when the nature of matter is known.
T = T0[1-(v/c)2]1/2 is an inescapable consequence of dynamic ether being the medium for light waves and all other forms of movement.

Forms of Motion

Inertia is a name we give to a passive quality found in all things, including abstract ideas. It is merely the tendency for something to remain as it is, doing whatever it is doing, until something else causes it to change. Nothing could be more logical. Indeed, why should anything change unless something causes it to do so?

Velocity is relative. An object having velocity is only part of the concept. To have velocity, there must be another object to which that velocity is relative. And the object will maintain its velocity due to "inertia" until something causes it to accelerate in one direction or another. Acceleration causes change. There can be no change without acceleration.

Because velocity is relative, momentum (mv) and kinetic energy (mv2/2) are also relative. Furthermore, "E = mv2/2" is a form of shorthand that is technically incorrect. I know that I use it too - but as a form of shorthand.
Actually, the correct equation is "E = mad" where "m" is mass, "a" is acceleration, and "d" is distance. This has been explained in detail elsewhere on this site, the point being that most scientists have lost sight of the reality behind the shortcut and this causes confusion.

Centrifugal force is merely the acceleration of an object in motion, acting at ninety degrees to the object's direction of motion. Coriolis force is merely inertia acting at ninety degrees to movement upon a spinning surface. The above names are convenient ways to speak of these phenomena, but they are not actually separate forces.

Recent Confirmations

Recent experiments have shown that (1) light is a series of waves, and (2) frictionless fluid is a reality in at least one instance. The pertinent articles are shown on this site.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark energy is the name now given to dynamic ether. Dark matter is a myth caused by the mathematics of the unexpected acceleration of the expansion of the universe. These two terms should not be confused with one another. They are separate concepts.

Nether Theory

The nether theory of gravity should not be confused with the space flow theory of gravity. Nether theory is older than space flow theory - and in nether theory, nether is the flowing medium which constitutes everything within our universe while our universe of nether expands at an accelerating rate into the emptiness (space) around it.

Unfortunately, some people do not like nether theory because its reality does not include things like faster-than-light travel, "hyperspace", travel back in time, anti-gravity, and other wonderful mental creations of science fiction. Nor does it make exceptions to the laws of conservation of matter and energy as is the case with the contemporary view on electron spin. However, nether theory does acknowledge the EPR experiment and subsequent experiments of a like nature. In fact, nether theory explains why the EPR type of experiment works - and it does work. Nether theory also explains how the results of the experiment can be used for almost instantaneous communication over vast distances.

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