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My Objective

This website was originally created to (1) introduce the existence of our work in what is becoming the "new" physics for the 21st century, (2) introduce my work in flute theory and music, and (3) to update the material found in my books. After the attack on the twin towers in New York and subsequent propaganda attacks by communists and radical Islam in America, it appeared necessary to expand the part of the site on critical thinking to encompass non-politically correct history and like subjects to aid in countering the anti-American influence. Therefore, my overall goal is to expose people to truth - with sufficient detail to counter the untruths and outright lies often found in contemporary physics and enemy political propaganda. The truth will ultimately prevail when misplaced emotion is spent and historians examine the facts dispassionately.

The books that I have written include the bulk of the original theory, evidence, and math on physics, flutes, and music. This information is much too detailed to place on this website. However, those of you who have copies of my books, especially if they are the first editions, may wish to check this site periodically for more information.

To allow the reader maximum ability to examine and cross-check the ideas expressed, the site was deliberately created in a manner which will allow rapid movement from place to place. Visual art on a website can be very beautiful, but it causes a website to be much too slow, distracting, and frustrating for serious researchers. Although browsers interested only in website art will find this site austere, I hope that those interested in the subjects presented will find it refreshingly easy to navigate.

Pertinent Information

You may wish to check this website periodically to see if there is updated material or improved wording for older material. If you wish to contact me via e-mail, the address follows.     or

It is my goal to communicate well, so if you write please indicate your areas of expertise and any other pertinent information that will help me to better understand you and to reply in a way that you will understand easily. For instance, if you are interested in flutemaking, please let me know what experience you have with woodworking, music, music theory, or the physics of instruments. If you are interested in advanced ether theory, please let me know what your background is in mathematics or physics. Any information about yourself would be helpful.

If you use the postal service or e-mail to discuss physics and it appears that we need a one-to-one conversation with immediate feedback, I will let you know and ask you to use the telephone. Otherwise, I will use the same type of communication that I receive.

Please do not use my e-mail address to discuss flutemaking and flute design. Such discussions usually require a telephone conversation. I can usually be called between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM USA Pacific Time at (530)333-9470. It may be necessary for me to change these hours from time to time, but any change will be posted on this website.

My Reasons

What if you were the person who discovered algebra? You try to explain it to the mathematicians of the time and they do not look at your work. They laugh and say "Anyone knows that letters can never replace numbers." Some of them become outraged and say "Your work is against all the laws of mathematics!" Others grow pale and refuse to speak to you. Yet you have been using algebra for years and you know that it works. To you it is NOT a theory, but a working form of mathematics. This is how I have felt most of my life.

My work on flute physics and math is not recognized by the "scientific" community, but those who actually design flutes have been successfully using my books and computer programs for years - and these were created from my equations and physics.

Since May of 1965, I have known that there is a form of physics based upon something which has been denied by the physics community for over a century. It is not really a theory, but a working truth. It successfully explains all forms of physics and chemistry. I have used it through the years to understand the sciences and know beforehand some of the latest "discoveries".

In school (about 180 semesters hours in four years), I did not have time to understand what I was being taught. When I had been out of school for a while I had digested much of the knowledge that had been imparted to me so that it was becoming a part of my basic nature. By 1965, I had been out of school for five years, had not yet had time to pursue some basic studies that I had planned, and had decided to set almost everything other than my job aside because survival took first priority.

Then fate stepped in and left me alone for several days with nothing to do but visit a library. Within half a day, I had inadvertently discovered an error in physics that had been ignored and passed over for decades. Within two hours, this realization led to an understanding of the nature of gravity. More research confirmed my understanding. Two days later I was still recovering from the shock and the world has never been the same for me from that day forward.

Gravity proved to be the key to understanding the rest of the universe and its phenomena. The nature of light and magnetism were immediately apparent. The fact that time dilation existed became apparent in a matter of weeks and the same equation for time dilation found in Einstein's theory was easily derived from this new foundation for physics. Of course, what is called "Dark Energy" today was known immediately as it is an integral part of the correct theory for gravity. Dark Energy and "Dark Matter" are still problems for contemporary physicists. Both have been explained very logically on this website and are certainly no mystery.

I had always wondered why E = mc 2 did not conform to the usual equation
for kinetic energy which is KE = mv 2/2. It was the "divided by two" part of the KE equation that did not translate into the matter/energy equivalency. Once the nature of light was understood, I could easily derive the matter/energy equation from the KE equation. When I received copies of Einstein's last work from Princeton, I realized that Einstein had been fruitlessly working along the same lines.

So a true understanding of gravity is the key. Gravity can be easily and thoroughly understood by any competent aeronautical engineer, by most plumbers, and by many housewives. Yet, it is almost incomprehensible to the typical physicist.

This not the fault of the physicists. Physicists are not trained for such things and must "unlearn" too much to easily grasp concepts such as "funnel" gravity. Our educational institutions require overhauling in every way from their financial foundations to their fundamental philosophy of non-acceptance of the new and unusual. Small wonder that the true nature of gravity, simple as it is, has not been discovered by those who claim to be the authorities. Yet, there are physicists and engineers who were working along the same lines and have discovered most of the basics on their own.

The "Einstein era" is now drawing to a close. Einstein's theory of gravity is known to be incorrect. Space has proven to be "flat" rather than "curved". The limits of Special Relativity have been known for some time.
The equation E = mc 2 has been shown to be something Einstein borrowed.

The failure of relativity to be entirely correct has left a void and increasing doubts. See for a very complete criticism of relativity. Although there are those who can point fingers at the limitations of Einstein's work, there are few who can fill this void with something positive. Some tend to throw out everything in Einstein's theories without noting that many experiments seem to verify certain portions of it.

One of the major objections to Einstein's special theory is that he supposedly developed it from the idea that space is a vacuum. Space is not a vacuum as most physicists are beginning to discover. "Dark energy" is their name for the "newly discovered" reason for an accelerating expansion. But Einstein's theory may have covered the eventuality of the discovery of a dynamic ether as will be seen from the arguments shown on this site.

When we developed the theory found on this site, much care was taken to examine which portions of each outmoded theory might have some validity. The wheat was lifted from the chaff. Known physics that have been used for many years by engineers were taken into account. Speculative theories without foundation were discarded. Step by step we developed a theory from a solid foundation, and floor by floor we filled in the blanks. We did not begin with any particular preconceived notion. Instead, we followed the path presented to us by the data and the logic. The satisfaction of our curiosity was our motive.

The unified theory was discovered by accident and was a relatively easy thing to develop once the process was begun. It was developed in its entirety over a period of over 35 years, but an average of very little time was spent on it in the course of each year. Other people had performed the experiments for us. The greatest difficulty with the unified theory was finding all the errors in contemporary physics and showing why they happened. Today, the errors are still compounding because the correct foundation is not being used.

Flute physics proved to be very difficult. Over 25 years of extreme effort was required to find all the answers. Six years was required to produce user-friendly software for flute design.

Curiosity is a wonderful quality in a personality when it is properly used. It is one of humanity's blessings and should be satisfied when possible. Part of my personal "religion" requires that we do what we can to promote both curiosity and the knowledge or wisdom that satisfies it. I have spent most of my life satisfying my own curiosity when I could have been doing more to accumulate material wealth.

Although necessary to live a reasonably comfortable life, material things are useless to us after we pass on. It may be argued that our personal accumulated store of wisdom is also useless after we leave, but what if some of it can be taken along? If it can be taken with us, we are better off learning new things while we have the opportunity. Even if it can't, it can still be passed on to survive in the minds of those who remain here.

Brief Review of Exponents in Algebra

These pages were written for the educated lay person. Many are educated in areas other than mathematics. These people can grasp the verbal part of this website even though they may not understand the math back-up. Many of those who once knew math well may be a bit rusty now. Most people who have not used algebra for a time tend to lose the part dealing with exponents. Calculus was not used. Therefore those who did not have a course in it or who may have forgotten it need not worry that they will miss anything.

To best understand the math behind gravity, it is wise to review the way exponents are used in algebra. The term "aaa" would indicate the product of "a" times "a" times "a". If "a" were equal to 3, then aaa would equal 27. "aaa" would usually be written as "a3" and "3" would be called the exponent. The term "aaaa" would be written as "a4", meaning the product of "a" taken four times. Multiplying these two terms together leaves the answer "aaaaaaa" or "a7". Note that "a3a4" equals "a7". To arrive at the correct answer we could have added the exponents (3 + 4 = 7).

If "aaaa" is divided by "aaa", it would written "a4/a3". In aaaa/aaa, the "a"s divide out at the top and bottom and only one "a" is left. Using "a4/a3", the answer is also "a". So to arrive at the correct answer in division, the exponent of the dividing term is subtracted from the exponent of the term being divided (4 - 3 = 1).

The exponent "1/2" means the square root. The exponent "3/2" means the cube of the square root. The exponent "2/3" means the square of the cube root. An example equation might look like:
a 2 / a 1/2 = a 3/2.

A negative exponent means the reciprocal of the term, so that
1 / a2 = a -2, or
1 / a 1/2 = a -1/2.

When the exponent is "1", the exponent is not usually shown. When the exponent is "0", the whole term becomes the number "one". So when you see something like "a" it means "a1", and when you see something like "r0", it means "one".

For those who use math every day, this seems simple - and it is simple. But most people have jobs that do not require math and these people tend to forget how exponents are added when multiplying like terms and subtracted when dividing like terms. This little review will help to see how gravity works.

Using the Right Tools - Helpful Hints


Feedback Encouraged

Most of my previous success has been due to the help and encouragement I have received from others. The suggestions given are not always implemented, but I do look them over and use them if I believe that they will be beneficial overall and if they will fit my budget.

All forms of communication are willingly accepted if you care to to send a positive suggestion or a complimentary remark about the content of the website. I need to know if the website is performing its task properly, and we all work better if we know that our sacrifices have been worthwhile. Thanks.

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