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The sources mentioned below (magazines, websites, etc.)
should be checked periodically by those who are truly
interested in physics, music, or flutes.
Subscriptions to the magazines used as sources are worthwhile.

Much of the material from other physics sources presented on this
website was found and passed on to me by a friend who is a proponent
of the theories (as opposed the conjectures) found in the series,
Behind Light's Illusion.

Many of the sources regarding national security presented on this
website were found by my wife who directed my attention to them.

Various changes of a small nature may not be shown on Updates.

Updated April 19, 2016
Added Magnetic Force to Magnetism.

Updated January 22, 2016
Added Vorticles (Nether Vortices) to Electrons and Positrons
which includes the reasoning and math for the shape of nether
vortices and the reason E = mc2.

Updated June 28, 2015
Added Wimpzillas to the list in The Fairies of Physica.
They are found near the bottom of the list
since they are the most recent.

Updated December 23, 2014
Have finally completed an HTML version of
Behind Light's Illusion.
So now all seven little books in the series
can be accessed on line.

Updated April 14, 2014
There is now a 14th edition of Behind Light's Illusion. It has better explanations,
corrected errors, and newer information than the 13th edition. It must be mailed in CD form
as it is too long for me to send online. Going to the General Science Journal will
aid the reader in seeing some of the material found in it.

Updated April 4, 2014
Completely overhauled everything to do with light.
This includes new material on Planck, Compton, and
others, as well as explaining some paradoxes.
You may wish to begin with More About the Electron.
Then you may wish to look at Light and Electron Spin.

Updated May 3, 2013
Added more to Gravity Equations.
More may be found in some new essays written for
The General Science Journal.

Updated April 19, 2012
Added Serious Blow to Dark Matter Theories,
The new facts seem to show that all the usual dark matter theories are wrong.

Updated June 6, 2011
Added The Beginning of Academic Excellence,
An article on the early history of the U.S. Air Force Academy,
and the foresight and dedication of General Robert F. McDermott.

Updated March 10, 2011
Added Trisecting an Angle,
a way to do something that is supposed to be impossible.

Updated April 25, 2010
Added How I Make My Flutes Today (Feb 2010),
first published in Voice of the Wind, the quarterly publication of
The International Native American Flute Association (INAFA)

Updated January 17, 2010
Added Celestial Influences upon Earthquakes.
First published in 1986 - updated for the Haitian earthquake.

Updated January 12, 2010
Added Galileo, the Catholic Church, and the Inquisition
with excerpts from Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel.

Updated July 3, 2009
Added Error in Black Hole Size as another item to laugh at.

Updated June 28, 2009
Added some of my old books and changed title of
Flute and Music Books to Books by Lew Paxton Price.

Updated June 23, 2008
Added Red Shift, Energy, and Power for a more simplified
explanation of the conservation of energy during red shift.

Updated June 6, 2008
Added Humorous Items on contemporary physics.

Updated June 3, 2008
Added in Laughing at the Emperor (on this website) comments on
Dark Energy at Work
written by David Appell for Scientific American.

Updated April 7, 2008
Added Are Physicists Smart? from Global Research
and quotes from an article called Black Hole Light
which is placed in Near Misses.

Updated March 3, 2008
Added a short definition and background to
an explanation for dark matter, Constant Velocity Point,
and a quote to Some Quotes and Comments from Readers.

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