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The sources mentioned below (magazines, websites, etc.)
should be checked periodically by those who are truly
interested in physics, music, or flutes.
Subscriptions to the magazines used as sources would be wise.

Much of the material from other physics sources presented on this
website was found and passed on to me by a friend who continues to be
an advisor, scientific proofreader, and proponent of the supported
theories (as opposed the conjectures) found in Behind Light's Illusion.


Updated December 7, 2007
Added more confirmation for nether theory.

Updated November 7, 2007
Added String Theory vs Nether Theory.

Updated November 1, 2007
Added a paragraph on excessively long playing and some formats
for songs to Dimensions in Music.

Updated October 31, 2007
Added More on Energies in the Electron Vortex.

Updated October 14, 2007
Added The Pauli Exclusion Principle & Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Updated October 5, 2007
Added Ask the Experts to Confirmations.

Updated August 19, 2007
Added a short article on differences between weights of
"particles" within a nucleus as opposed to their weight outside it.

Updated August 14, 2007
Added comments on The Inelegant Universe,
an article on string theory found in Scientific American.

Updated July 12, 2007
Added Astronomers spot most distant galaxies ever seen to
Confirmations on this website.   This article is one
of many which shows how gravity lensing is being
used to magnify distant objects in space.

Updated June 10, 2007
Added a fifth page to Gravity Equations concerning the planetary signature.

Updated May 30, 2007
Added quote of Freddy Silva from his book.
Also added quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and John Adams.

Updated May 5, 2007
Added Meet me at 70 degrees 50 minutes N, 56 degrees W,
Last-gasp test could reveal dark matter,
Death of "sterile" neutrino raises new spectre
and Tiny particles baffle physicists again to
Confirmations on this website.   Also added M is for messy.

Updated March 27, 2007
Added The Bald-Faced Lie to Critical Thinking.

Updated March 15, 2007
Added Dimensions in Music and The Transposition Pattern
for use by musicians.
Added The mystery of the missing mass
to Confirmations for those interested in physics.

Updated March 6, 2007
Added more to Card Stacking under Critical Thinking.
Added Peer Review Under a Microscope and
A New Spin to Confirmations.

Updated January 31,2007
Added More About Flute Theory

Updated January 4, 2007
Added more to Critical Thinking and how propaganda can threaten a nation.

Updated December 15, 2006
Added information that explains that the acceleration of the expansion
of the universe began at least as early as 9 billion years ago.

Updated November 17, 2006
Added more information and links to
The History of Nether Gravity Theory.

Updated November 14, 2006
Added information on two recently published books to Confirmations.

Updated October 18, 2006
Added an introductory paragraph to The Vortex.

Updated October 6, 2006
Added Gamma Radiation to website as part of
The Expanding Universe, Quasars, and the K Effect.

Updated October 4,2006
Added link to Confirmations which shows
more evidence in favor of the Big Bang.
Confirmations: "Nobel Prize Winners"

Updated September 18, 2006
Added a link to Critical Thinking for some new pages with the title
What Everyone Should Know About Political Propaganda.
These new pages apply to all propaganda including that of supposed scientists.

Updated September 7, 2006
Added KGB Connections to Critical Thinking
as an example of the power of propaganda.

Updated August 13, 2006
Added more quotes to Quotes & Comments, and an article to Constant Velocity Point.

Updated July 28, 2006
Added to confirmations
Mysterious quasar casts doubt on black holes.

Updated July 24, 2006
Added Axions - Let there be dark matter to
Laughing at the Emperor.

Updated July 18, 2006
Added article to Near Misses which is a part of
Laughing at the Emperor on this website.
Is spacetime actually a superfluid?

Updated July 10, 2006
Added some information on a supposedly new particle called the
axions.   What a wonderful world particle physics creates where
there are an infinite number of particles to be theorized and "discovered"
to enhance the fame of the "physicists" who theorize and discover them.

Updated July 7, 2006
Added Some Quotes & Comments from Readers
(a new section for this website).

Updated June 30, 2006
Added excerpts from Study Finds Bias in Peer Review from Science News.

Updated June 29, 2006
A translation of Magnetism (this website) has been completed by
Marcelo Moreira Jr.   Links this translation have been placed on Magnetism
and the translation may be viewed by clicking on the following.

Marcelo has been gracious enough to devote much of his valuable time his
translations and he has the most sincere thanks of all of us.

Updated June 20, 2006
Marcelo Moreira Jr. of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has completed his translation
of Is There a Dynamic Ether?.   It is now available in Portuguese.
Existe um Eter Dinamico

Updated May 7, 2006
Added facts from an article in Science News with the title
To Leap or Not to Leap.
The article is about time difficulties and is an eye-opener to those
who have not thought of the problems involved in time keeping.
Also added some paragraphs on the unification of time dilation.

Updated May 6, 2006
Added excerpts from an article in Science News and my own
comments about it in What is Gravity? on this website.
The article is about gravity waves produced by two
black holes before they collide with one another.

Updated May 5, 2006
Added article from New Scientist and my own comments about it
at the end of Constant Velocity Point on this website.

Updated April 27, 2006
Added new link to one of Sepp Hasslberger's web pages
which allows one to view a paper by F. Selleri
which includes an excellent review of the paradoxes
presented by Einstein's version of relativity.

Updated April 21, 2006
Added confirmation for the acceleration
of the expansion of the universe.

Updated April 10, 2006
Added more links to Portuguese Translations
by Marcelo Moreira Jr. of Brazil.
Marcelo has completed the translation of
The Erosion of Science in the United States.

Added Chapter Seven, Relativity, of Book Five - Time
of the series Behind Light's Illusion which can be accessed
and understood after thoroughly reviewing and understanding
Time and Time Dilation and Ether Relativity
on this website.

Updated April 3, 2006
Added more links to the Portuguese Translations
by Marcelo Moreira Jr. of Brazil.

His latest translations to date are
Introducao (an introduction to nether theory);
Gravidade (an article on gravity);
A Historia da Teoria da Gravidade de Nether
(a history of nether gravity theory);
Mitos, Fabulas, Estorias e Realidade
(myths, fables, stories, and reality);
and Tempo (time theory).

Updated March 24, 2006
Added something more on Gravity Lensing
in Confirmations on this website.

Updated March 17, 2006
Added Dialectical Physics and
The Erosion of Science in the United States.

Updated March 7, 2006
Under Flute Physics, Additions to Books, there
is some information that I discovered in some old notes.

Updated February 18, 2006
Marcelo Moreira Jr. has completed Portuguese Translations
of two more parts of this website.   His website is a
strong educational force in both physics and philosophy
for viewers who speak either Portuguese or English.

Added more explanation in Planck's Constant.
and at the bottom of the section in
More About the Electron called The Light Equation.

Updated February 11, 2006
Added more to Planck's Constant.
  Improved the explanations and corrected errors
both in ideas and presentation.   Planck's constant
is correct in its accepted form but must be understood as
a form of energy for one light wave.
Added new page on the website:
Planck Units and Other Units in Physics.

Updated February 9, 2006
Added more to Planck's Constant as it appears that google
as well as many websites have used the joule second numbers
with the kilogram meter2/second units for Planck's constant,
leading to many incorrect versions of other planck units.
  See the lower part of Planck's Constant on this website
for a complete explanation.

Updated January 21, 2006
Added more regarding the history of Planck's Constant.

Updated January 20, 2006
The update of December 30, 2006, states that Google
was incorrect in displaying the units for Planck's constant.
My apologies to Google.   Google was not incorrect - just incomplete.
There was a failure to mention which type of kilogram was used.
This is typical of one of the failings of using the metric system in physics.
See the lower part of Planck's Constant on this website
for a complete explanation as to why both
meter2 kilogram/second and kilogram meter second
are both correct units for the accepted version
of Planck's constant and why both should be replaced.

Updated January 9, 2006
Added paragraphs to Photons and Red Shift and Planck's Constant.
This clarification should do a better job of explaining why
quantum electrodynamics (QED) is seriously flawed
and why Planck's constant was given the wrong units.

Updated December 30, 2005
On this date and for some time previously, Google has been
presenting a version of Planck's constant that appears to be
a perfect example of why search engines are not to be trusted
in regard to technical and scholarly information.

Search engines are merely search engines so that one may have
access to places which specialize in what may be correct answers.

The Google version may have been the result of action by a
non-scientific committee since it mixes two different measuring
systems and has units that only vaguely resemble those of the
accepted value of this constant.   In any case, the reader
should beware of such misrepresentations.

The Google version, shown at the beginning of the search results
when one enters "planck constant" or similar words, is
Planck's constant = 6.626068 x 10-34 m2kg/s

Actually, the accepted version of Planck's constant according to
the texts used for well over half a century is:
6.6252 x 10-34 joule second
6.757704 x 10-35 meter kilogram second.

For those of you unfamiliar with how units are presented,
meter is not the same as meter2
kilogram second is not the same as kilogram/second.

Although the actual numbers may be updated from time to time as new
and more accurate methods are devised, these numbers should remain
approximately the same.   The units should never change except
to correct the error which was recently mentioned on this website.

For more information on Planck's constant
see Planck's Constant on this website.

Updated December 23, 2005
Added three paragraphs to Introduction to Magnetism.

Updated December 16, 2005
Added two paragraphs as an introduction to Time.

Updated December 14, 2005
Added Turning Points to Laughing at the Emperor
and Dark energy: Was Einstein right all along? to Confirmations.

Updated December 7, 2005
Added Laughing at the Emperor.

Updated November 13, 2005
Improved and added to the explanation for
Time and Time Dilation.

Updated November 7, 2005
Added The History of Nether Gravity Theory which
includes parts of the first edition of Book Two - Gravity
from the series called Behind Light's Illusion.

Updated October 30, 2005
Added Chapter Four of Book Three - Electromagnetism
from the series called Behind Light's Illusion.
Added links to the new addition in Planck's Constant
and in More About the Electron

Updated October 27, 2005
Added Planck's Constant as an extension of
More About the Electron to explain that the units
of Planck's constant were apparently assigned incorrectly
by physicists due to an oversight about time.
Also added some to More About the Electron
and to Photons and Red Shift.
Other parts of this website regarding Planck's constant
were left intact since the math is not seriously affected
by the units currently in use by scientists.

Updated October 21, 2005
Added Myths, Fables, Stories, and Reality

Updated October 13, 2005
Added Chapter Three of Book Four - Light from Behind Light's Illusion.
Corrected some errors in More About the Electron
and Light and Electron Spin.

Updated October 9, 2005
Added several paragraphs to Photons and Red Shift.
Added Second Example for Why Science Is Failing

Updated October 1, 2005
Added Micro-Gravity as part of What is Gravity?
Added Introduction to Magnetism

Updated August 30, 2005
Added the Glossary which is the same as the glossary for
Behind Light's Illusion
except that the terms needed for the website have been added.

Updated August 25, 2005
Frankly, the part of magnetism dealing with two current-carrying,
parallel wires was incorrect.   I apologize to those who may
have been confused.   This was a rather stupid error on my part
because I knew better.   The error has been corrected and in the
same section I have placed a detailed explanation of charge as I
currently believe it to be.   Click on Magnetism below for
the corrected part.   The part on "charge" is farther below
on the same page.


Updated Confirmations with Newborn Black Holes

Updated August 21, 2005
Multi-talented Marcelo Moreira Jr. of Sao Paulo, Brazil,
has just completed a translation of an article on gravity.
Marcelo has also done more work on his website which is one
of the chief sources of nether theory now with more and more
being translated into Portuguese.   Those of us who are
proponents of this theory are very grateful that Marcelo is
with us.


Updated August 19, 2005
Added Inertia to website.

Updated August 12, 2005
This update merely added embellishments to existing items
to make the site more easily navigated by the reader.

Updated August 4, 2005
Added The Origin of Nether Theory

Updated July 29,2005
The August 2005 issue of Scientific American contains some
interesting articles.   One article, Is the Universe Out of Tune, describes
how the accepted version of the Big Bang still fails to make sense.   In
the past, the Scientific American editors have been accepting articles
on bandaids proposed by particle physicists in efforts to repair
a broken-down concept.

Scientific American is one of the magazines that has been
notorious for publishing only articles dealing with the most conservative
of mainstream concepts, and has rejected offers to provide articles on new
flute physics or anything remotely resembling an ether.   Needless to say,
when it comes to physics, the SA editors listen to those with PhD's in physics,
those who provide "accepted" information regardless of how ludricrous it is.

In the July 16, 2005, issue of Science News is an article on
Richard Feynman and his diagrams.   Copyright law does not allow me
to show the article, but it mentions that his diagrams revolutionized
calculations in physics, allowing him to share in the 1965 Nobel Prize
in physics.   The physics "Greats" of the time, including Niels Bohr,
Paul Dirac, Enrico Fermi, and J. Robert Oppenheimer, did everything
feasible to discredit Feynman's methods and to prevent others from
using them.   Those who realized the value of his diagrams were
forced to meet secretly.   Sounds normal to me - just like things are
today except for the fact that the internet did not exist then.

For those few who still want to throw out the babies (data from
supposedly outmoded physics) with the bathwater, gravity lensing
still works.   In the July 23, 2005, issue of Science News is an
anecdote called Grand Illusion, which cites another example of
the use of gravity lensing to magnify distant celestial phenomena.
In this case, a distant galaxy is magified 13 times.

Updated: July 24, 2005
Added Nether Unified Theory
Added Lists of Contents of first Six Books of Behind Light's Illusion

Updated: July 18, 2005
Added below a message sent from Marcelo Moreira Jr. in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The negative "epithets" and/or "homages" you have received from the
"Old Guard" of science, in my opinion, don't matter anyway because
brainwashed minds will never reason well enough to understand and to
accept Nether Theory in its entirety.   However (as you well know)
"the truth is the daughter of time"... and will be inevitable.

Maybe Thomas Kuhn was right when he argued that orthodoxy
will not tolerate any challenge to its dominance.

I have translated for you this beautiful quote from
a brazilian scientist who I "know".

"The scientist is not a being who lives looking for glory or success
and, avoiding this, fails.   Under this aspect, I see the scientist as a being
who opens or closes doors.   If nothing of my theories justifies itself,
I would like to pass into the history of science as someone who closed
the door of an immense labyrinth that led nowhere.   Psychologically
speaking, this is enough for me.   What I cannot do is ignore the existence
of this labyrinth, only to please the 'modern' physicists who would like me to
hide it under the carpet."

[Alberto Mesquita Filho in Ciencialist, 05/31/2001]

Subsequently, the author of the quote translated it into English and
it was relayed to me by Marcelo.   See it below.

"A scientist is not a being that lives just in search of glory, or success,
and to avoid failures.   Under this view, I see a scientist as a being
that opens or shuts doors.   If nothing of my theories comes to be justified,
I would like to pass into the history of science as someone who locked the door
of an immense labyrinth, that doesnít lead to any place.   Psychologically,
this will be enough for me.   The thing that I canít do is ignore the existence
of this labyrinth, just to satisfy the "modern" physicists, that would like me to
hide this under the rug."

[Alberto Mesquita Filho in Ciencialist, 2001/05/31]

Also added Helpful Hints for Understanding Nether Theory.

Updated: July 4, 2005
Added The Invasion of the Deafeners.

Updated: July 1, 2005
Added to confirmations Did the Big Bang Really Happen?

Updated: June 29, 2005
Added to confirmations Whirling Atoms Dance into Physics Textbooks
as an example to show that frictionlessness (lack of friction) is a reality.
Whirling Atoms

Updated: May 19, 2005
Added new cover for Behind Light's Illusion
This beautiful cover was created by
Marcelo Moreira, Jr., of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
On behalf of all who are involved in this endeavor,
thank you, Marcelo.
Also added are some additional links.

Updated: April 9, 2005
Added article to confirmations which shows that light
is a series of waves rather than being particulate in nature.
Wiggly Light

Updated: March 27, 2005
Added article submitted to magazine with cover letter,
rejection with supposed reasons for article being rejected,
and analysis of reviewer's rejection.
This example shows what is typical or perhaps better than
typical for the publishing industry, and how "peer" review
actually prevents progress in science.
Click here Typical Example or on

Updated: March 26, 2005
Major overhaul of appearance.

Updated: March 14, 2005
Added new equation to Gravity Equations.
Revised Why Ether Detection has Yielded Lower Velocities.

Updated: March 12, 2005
Added more explanation and illustrations to the parts on
magnetism, the electron, and time. Also added information
on the new E-book version of Behind Light's Illusion.

Updated: February 23, 2005
Added minor bits of information regarding means
of obtaining more information as well as some
better ways of explaining certain things.

Updated: May 30, 2004
Added More about Light which includes
Longitudinal vs Transverse Waves
and The Music of Quantum States.

Updated: April 27, 2004
Changed parts of site to show that the light half-wave is
actually caused by the electron "rotating" (changing direction)
at the end of each "to and fro" movement of its vibration during
the production of a photon, and that nether theory agrees with
Compton's equation for photon momentum.

Updated: March 17, 2004
Added Electrons and Positrons and More about Electrons.

Updated: March 14, 2004
Added website of Sergey N. Arteha who has an excellent
book on line regarding Einstein's relativity.

Updated: March 10, 2004
Added some words regarding derivations to
Black Holes and to Using the Right Tools.

Updated: March 3, 2004
Added Black Holes, more explanation on The Michelson-Morley Experiment,
and more links to Other Websites.

Updated: March 1, 2004
Added Fitzgerald, Lorentz, Einstein, and Relativity;
The Michelson-Morley Experiment; Lorentz Factor Derivation;
The Pythagorean Theorem; Relativity and Nether Theory;

and modified the home page accordingly. Another question was
added in Questions and Answers. Some changes were made
in Is There a Dynamic Ether? to correct some former impressions
regarding Einstein and relativity.

These additions and changes were made as the result of some research
into Einstein and his work. Much was found in two volumes which include
parts in both German and English. These are called Albert Einstein,
, edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp, published by
Harper and Row, 1959 edition, copyrighted in 1949. Einstein's own words
were an eye-opener that made me realize just how much his work was
distorted by others to satisfy their own ends.

The physics texts are careful to leave out those things that are not in
accord with the wishes of their authors or those who wrote the earlier
texts, and other facts are distorted. I was extremely irritated by what
authors writing what is found in the most reputable enclopediae have done
to obfuscate and complicate what would otherwise be straightforward and
simple. It would appear that they do not want us to discover some truths.

The original words of Michelson and Morley regarding their 1887
experiment are found in the new section of this website. It is an
excerpt from their paper which was published in the Philosophical
, Series 5, December, 1887. The clarity found in the
original work is a refreshing change compared to he muddle in many
of the modern descriptions - and most modern texts exclude the bulk
of the experiment's details.

Updated: February 25, 2005
Added more questions/accusations to the
part called Answers to Questions.

Updated: February 24, 2004
Revised home page. Created separate update log.
Created separate confirmation file.

Updated: February 23, 2004
Added part called "Using the Right Tools"
(look below algebra review) and "Answers to Questions".

Updated: February 10, 2004
More paragraphs were added to the introduction
regarding wrong paths and why they are taken.
A short algebra review was added to the home page.

Updated: January 29, 2004
Several paragraphs were added to the home page
to better introduce the website.

Updated: January 12, 2004
More explanation regarding flux and flux lines
has been added to "Magnetism" to counter the
tendency of people to look at more advanced parts
of this site before understanding the fundamentals.

Updated: September 15, 2003
Part of vortices updated to show website of
Marcus Coleman and "Whirlpools" by Daniel Chiu.

Updated: August 17, 2003
Minor corrections due to typographical errors,
and removal or alteration of
certain non-contributing portions.

Sequel to the update below: The attempt was shelved again
due to public pressure. It will probably re-surface in the
the future when the public is looking elsewhere.

Updated: July 17, 2003
Added Western Shoshone Defense Project
to "Other Websites".
Mining Interests are pressuring Congress to steal
more Shoshones land. You can help.

Updated: April 10, 2003
Changed date when Nether Theory was first discovered
to May of 1965. The discovery came gradually between
May 2 and May 5 according to old records which had
not been previously consulted.

Updated: March 15, 2003
"Why Science is Failing" was added.

Updated: March 9, 2003
"Critical Thinking" was added.

Updated: February 28, 2003
"Gravity" was added because a separate section
for it seemed appropriate as well as a slightly
clearer explanation on some points.

Updated: February 22, 2003
"Magnetism" was added due to a need shown by
Jan Olof Jonson of Sweden who has published
a paper showing how units of electrical measurement
can be best used to measure magnetic properties.

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